Payment Terms


(Please print for your records)

I agree that by completing the payment form and submitting my info that I am entering into a contract for legal services and availability for legal services. These services include legal research, drafting of legal documents, all client communication, travel time, appearance at a contested hearing (s).

Ms. Mucklestone shall, along with designated associates be available to represent client in exchange for compensation as set forth herein. We will not begin work on your case until payment is made in full.

The fee to be paid shall be a flat fee, paid upon entering this agreement. Said payment shall be deposited into Ms. Mucklestone's operating account and shall be Ms. Mucklestone's property, and said amount will not be the property of the client or placed in a client trust account.

Said payment does not impair client's ability to terminate the lawyer-client relationship, and does not extinguish the possibility of a refund, if appropriate. Ms. Mucklestone has practiced law for approximately 33 years and the reasonable hourly rate for a lawyer practicing for that time frame is approximately $500 per hour.

This agreement for Ms. Mucklestone and her office, to be available and for a flat fee, shall be the manner in which the parties will undertake this relationship. I have been advised that there is no guarantee of a dismissal but that every effort shall be made to obtain that result. This does not include the cost of an appeal, a motion to vacate a judgment, deferral or a Show Cause hearing or any fine imposed by the Court. I specifically authorize Ms. Mucklestone to obtain a deferred finding on my behalf only if there is no other possible way of obtaining a not-committed finding, dismissal, or amendment to a violation that will not appear on my driving record.

The retainer herein shall cover all services rendered up to and including contested hearing or contested hearings. The cost of appeal is not included. Court costs, if any, are not included.

Client will authorize Ms. Mucklestone and her designated associates to resolve said traffic matter in a manner deemed to be in client's best interests. There is no guarantee of obtaining a dismissal or otherwise keeping the ticket off clients record although keeping the ticket off the record is the goal, at all times.

I have read and fully understand this Contract and I agree to its terms.