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If you have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI/DWI) or have received a citation for DUI in Washington State and you need DUI defense, you are facing one of the most serious traffic offenses that can be handled in District or Municipal Courts. If your BAC level is .08 or greater, you are facing two cases that you must defend: an administrative and a civil case in which the Department of Licensing seeks to suspend or revoke your licnese, and a criminal case in which you are subject to mandatory jail time (even for a first offense) for u p to one year, a fine up to $5,000, license suspension, SR 22 (high risk) insurance for 3 years, ignition interlock installed on your vehicle, you could be subject to deportation if you are not a United States Citizen as well as other mandatory penalties.

A DUI conviction cannot be expunged in the future.

You can be charged with DUI even if you are BELOW .08. The law provides that you cannot drive a motor vehicle if you are affected by drugs or alcohol. You can even be charged for DUI if you are driving after taking your prescribed medication by your own doctor. If you are a minor you can be charged with DUI if you have a BAC level of .02 or greater. Having the right lawyer is critical.

Jeannie and her team of lawyers are responsive to your needs, aggressive to the prosecution, and passionate about successful results. Jeannie has been in practice for 20 years and is dedicated to getting successful results for her clients. Her practice is limited to just driving offenses and DUI is one of the most serious. Reasonable, flat fees, all credit cards accepted.

When you need the best on your side, choose Jeannie.

If you are looking for a traffic lawyer or DUI lawyer in Seattle, Jeannie is the person you need. Widely respected as a leader in her field. She has 34+ years of experience, limits her practice to all driving offenses both criminal and civil. Speeding tickets, Red light tickets, all traffic tickets, DUI/DWI, Reckless Driving, Reckless Endangerment, Negligent Driving. She is a frequent speaker at legal education seminars, former Pro Tem Judge, has been featured on King 5 news, John Carlson KVI Talk Radio and in Vogue Magazine as a top lawyer for women in Washington. Jeannie travels statewide defending all traffic tickets and criminal driving offenses and has a very high success rate of keeping her clients records clean. If you received a criminal driving offense or a traffic ticket, there are important issues you may need to know.



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