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Washington traffic laws are some of the most complicated and stringent in the United States today. If you have a Washington traffic ticket, either civil or criminal, I can give you the best representation since I limit my practice to just these areas. Traffic laws are both Criminal and Civil. A violation of the law will be on your driving record and have a direct impact on your insurance rates for several years.

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If you are looking for a traffic lawyer in Seattle, Jeannie has her office in the heart of the city close to all the Courts.  Jeannie also travels statewide defending traffic matters and has a very high success rate of keeping her clients records clean.  If you have a speeding ticket, DUI, reckless driving or other traffic matter in Snohomish County, King County, Pierce County or other Washington counties there are important issues you may need to know call (206) 623-3343. The traffic laws in every jurisdiction are complicated.  You need representation from someone who has a history of success for over 20 years and give you the personal attention you deserve. Welcome to I look forward to helping you.

This Site is designed to give you an overview of those laws so that whether you drive for business, pleasure or both you will be able to do so with peace of mind while keeping those insurance rates as low as possible.

"Bearing witness to your work ethic is a pleasure not commonly found these days." -- Client

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